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Building a Better Bond

High-performing admixture for eco-concrete.


ZYMIX additives utilize the latest technology to lessen the demand for expensive raw materials, while still producing a product that is environmentally superior and strong. Whether it's concrete ready mix, paving for roads or concrete blocks and bricks, incorporating ZYMIX™ products into your manufacturing process can enhance the quality of your final product and lower your manufacturing expenses. In light of the current trend of rising raw material prices and the challenges in sourcing cement and other materials, ZYMIX™ offers an ideal solution.

Building a sustainable solution for a better world

ZYMIX aims to become a global leader in reducing carbon footprint. With the use of ZYMIX™ products, our clients can take pride in minimizing the use of expensive materials that contribute heavily to carbon emissions on our planet. Cement is responsible for 8% of global carbon emissions and is the second most utilized material worldwide after water. It is our conviction that we have a responsibility to contribute sustainable solutions for every project, worldwide.

Environmentally conscious

Reducing CO2 & cost  levels worldwide

zymix environmental

Disrupting the Economics of Concrete

ZYMIX™ is committed to saving its clients a significant amount of money by minimizing their overall costs and enhancing their profitability. Our additive products allow our clients to decrease the amount of expensive materials required for concrete production. We consider our solutions to be industry disruptors, as they substantially decrease manufacturing expenses while producing an environmentally sustainable product of equal quality. By utilizing our products, clients can increase their profitability and competitiveness.

Zymix cost saving

Cost Savings

ZYMIX™ offers a significant advantage by decreasing manufacturing costs for clients through the reduction of costly materials used in the manufacturing process. This results in better, more environmentally friendly products that are less expensive to produce.

Key Advantages

Zymix eco friendly

Eco Friendly

ZYMIX™ is a forward-thinking enterprise that offers inventive approaches to decrease the carbon footprint generated by the fabrication of building materials (up to 30%) while being environmentally aware.

Zymix enhanced strength

Enhanced Strength

Zymix is an admixture that fortifies the potency of cement-based mixtures, maintaining their malleability without any adverse effects.

Our Solutions

Products for Multiple solutions



This distinct admixture is purposely formulated to curtail the amount of cement necessary in Ready Mix production while preserving the mandated compressive strength. Its distinctive properties permit the creation of a more eco-friendly product while cutting down on production expenses, all without compromising performance.

Zymix ready mix



Compacted concrete comprises identical elements to conventional concrete, albeit in different proportions and with the addition of fly ash as a pozzolan. The mixture is then applied using a roller compactor machine, similar to paving. Dump trucks or conveyors transport the blend, while small bulldozers or specially modified asphalt pavers distribute it. Finally, rollers compact the mixture.

Zymix RCC



This particular admixture is formulated to minimize the cement content required in the manufacturing of concrete masonry units (CMUs) and bricks, while maintaining the requisite compressive strength. Its exceptional properties facilitate the creation of a more eco-friendly product and a reduction in production expenses, all without compromising performance.

Zymix bricks and blocks



ZYMIX™ seamlessly combines with soil molecules on-site, altering the soil's chemical composition to form a robust and cohesive structure. This surface is capable of serving as an unpaved road or establishing a stable foundation for asphalt applications. The current road surface can be repurposed and reused as a base for asphalt applications, resulting in a more cost-effective and time-saving solution.

Zymix paving



ZYMIX™ can bind on-site soil and various aggregates to create Eco bricks, which are both eco-friendly and low-cost building materials. These bricks possess the unique property of absorbing high external temperatures, creating a cool and comfortable interior atmosphere.

Zymix eco bricks

Enhancing the Bond

Zymix is an admixture that reinforces the potency of cement-based mixtures, while retaining their workability. Our admixture strengthens the chemical bond between cement and aggregates in concrete, without altering the cement's characteristics, resulting in a permanent enhancement of the mixture's compressive strength.

Who We Are

About Zymix

ZYMIX is a bio-chemical company with a strong environmental focus. Our mission is to provide sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for road construction and concrete manufacturing, reducing the utilization of CO2-producing cement, minimizing carbon footprints, and ultimately lowering the overall project cost.

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Smarter Concrete, Less Carbon

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