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This distinct admixture is purposely formulated to curtail the amount of cement necessary in Ready Mix production while preserving the mandated compressive strength. Its distinctive properties permit the creation of a more eco-friendly product while cutting down on production expenses, all without compromising performance.

Zymix ready mix



Compacted concrete comprises identical elements to conventional concrete, albeit in different proportions and with the addition of fly ash as a pozzolan. The mixture is then applied using a roller compactor machine, similar to paving. Dump trucks or conveyors transport the blend, while small bulldozers or specially modified asphalt pavers distribute it. Finally, rollers compact the mixture.

Zymix RCC



This particular admixture is formulated to minimize the cement content required in the manufacturing of concrete masonry units (CMUs) and bricks, while maintaining the requisite compressive strength. Its exceptional properties facilitate the creation of a more eco-friendly product and a reduction in production expenses, all without compromising performance.

Zymix Bricks Blocks



ZYMIX™ seamlessly combines with soil molecules on-site, altering the soil's chemical composition to form a robust and cohesive structure. This surface is capable of serving as an unpaved road or establishing a stable foundation for asphalt applications. The current road surface can be repurposed and reused as a base for asphalt applications, resulting in a more cost-effective and time-saving solution.

Zymix paving



ZYMIX™ can bind on-site soil and various aggregates to create Eco bricks, which are both eco-friendly and low-cost building materials. These bricks possess the unique property of absorbing high external temperatures, creating a cool and comfortable interior atmosphere.

Zymix Eco Bricks

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As the global population expands and interconnectivity increases, the demand for infrastructure rises. In developing nations, road networks have declined and require substantial investments over the next few years. Multiple countries require significant expansion of their transportation systems to connect burgeoning urban areas, ports, and towns.

ZYMIX™ provides a cost-effective solution to address these challenges, enabling up to a 40% reduction in road construction expenses.

Road Constuction
Bicycling in the Woods


Forest roads are crucial for accessing timber harvesting sites, as well as for recreational and hiking purposes. It is crucial to carefully design and maintain these roads to prevent any potential negative impact on the soil or ecological equilibrium.

ZYMIX™ is the optimal choice for ecologically sensitive projects, as a non-toxic, non-corrosive, and 100% natural product. It helps keep forests clean and healthy while mitigating environmental damage.

Cracks, potholes, and rutting are the most frequent road issues that occur due to conditions on the top layer. However, a sturdy sub-base can help alleviate these problems by impeding and decreasing their propagation.

ZYMIX™ reinforces the road bed and grows stronger over time, limiting damage beneath the road surface and ultimately reducing maintenance expenses significantly. With ZYMIX™, road maintenance costs can be significantly reduced by up to 60%.

Road Construction


Construction Site


ZYMIX™ has undergone several years of testing on mining roads across the globe, demonstrating outstanding performance and results.

ZYMIX™ is the ultimate choice for creating sustainable and eco-friendly roads that can withstand up to 15 tons per axle, resist the abrasive action of traffic, and prevent dust accumulation, resulting in a reduction of up to 40% in construction costs. It provides the best value for money in terms of performance and sustainability.

ZYMIX™ is the ideal solution for supporting military operations, regardless of the time or location. Military tasks often demand the rapid construction of undetectable roads, base camps, helicopter pads, and airstrips.

ZYMIX™ can transform local soil into a road or hard base in just 72 hours with minimal equipment, without requiring the import of other road-building materials. This eliminates the need for additional trucking outside of a controlled area.

Military Jeep


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