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Why raw materials are costing more and how Zymix can help

Concrete is one of the most commonly used construction materials in the world. It is strong, durable, and relatively affordable. However, concrete production is expensive, and the price of raw materials has been going up in recent years. This has caused some consternation among builders and contractors who rely on concrete for their projects.

In the wake of COVID-19, there was nearly a 40% loss in concrete production and 60 percent decrease with respect to income generated by ready mix industry. In addition however it can be noting that companies also had pay off liabilities such as land rent while revenue from trade barely compensated for expenses incurred during lockdown period which lasts two months on average .

Fortunately, there is a company that can help offset these rising costs. ZYMIX cutting edge additives reduce the need for costly raw materials. Our additive creates an ecologically superior product without sacrificing strength. Whether it is concrete ready mix, concrete blocks and bricks, road paving or soil stabilization - the use of ZYMIX™ products will reduce your manufacturing costs and improve your final manufactured product. With prices of raw materials constantly increasing and sourcing of cement and other materials getting harder - ZYMIX™ provides the perfect solution.

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